Victorious Eschatology – Teaching Series

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Our view of the “end times” can have a dramatic impact on what we think and do in the present. With all of the fear and concern surrounding current natural disasters and geo-political events across the globe, this message couldn’t be more timely.

In these two teaching sessions we cover:

  • The destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD (and the fulfillment of this in Matthew and Revelation);
  • Matthew 24 and corresponding passages;
  • John’s Apocalypse (the Book of Revelation);
  • Meaning of the term, “end of this age”;
  • The mark of the beast;
  • and more.

Love has to be the filter through which we interpret these events. If we are serving an angry God, then how we minister to people here and now will reflect this. Yet this is not what was displayed in the life of Jesus Christ.

“One of the climatic scenes of Revelation is juxtaposed to the Old Testament: Joshua led the people of God to literally wage war and conquer their enemies through bloodshed. Yeshua now leads the people of God having shed HIS blood, and instead of taking lives he demands that we lay ours down. Why? Because this is how we disarm and defeat our true enemy, the kingdom of darkness.” pg 24.

Here is a free download of the workbook so you can follow along in the videos: Revelation: Dawn of this Age Workbook


Here are both sessions of the series:


Session 1 – Matthew 24


Session 2 – Book of Revelation


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